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Laffan Out Loud


Dear Parents and Friends,


When I reflect on our school’s progress and development for 2016 there are a number of key signs that our school is a strong, faith-filled, learning community.


As a Catholic School we are able to celebrate our Faith in a way that invites ‘Community’. At our last Liturgy, a ‘Liturgy for Mother’s Day’ we set an incredible bench mark of participation and prayer. This celebration brought hundreds of our family members into our school, where our children demonstrated not only a deep faith and love but high levels of skills in reading, song and dance.


The wholistic approach we have to education can be seen in one simple snapshot. Last week during lunch, I was able to visit our choir, who were being prepared by members of our teaching team for future school events and eisteddfods, outside other students were practising their skills on a variety of un-tuned percussion instruments. In the adjoining learning spaces groups of dancers were receiving feedback from student mentors. On the oval during this lunch period other teachers and parent helpers were training soccer teams. This is just one small snapshot of a dedicated teaching team providing opportunity to our students.


Above all our teaching and learning is reaching important stages in meeting our 2016 Goals. In Literacy, Numeracy and Religious Education our teaching teams are working closely with our Teacher Educators and Lead Teachers in:

Þ Providing 1.5 Hours each week of Professional Learning

Þ Grade teams working collaboratively in co-constructing teaching programmes from analysis of assessment data

Þ Weekly collegial class visits with Teacher Educators and feedback around teaching          practise

All of this, means that our direction is clear in supporting the needs of all our children. We will constantly hold a high level of expectation that all children will succeed and grow.

“Love One Another”

John Laffan



Posted By Lynne-Maree Campbell at 19/05/2016 10:44:48 AM
Hidden UpdatePanel, which is used to help with saving state when minimizing, moving and closing docks. This way the docks state is saved faster (no need to update the docking zones).