Our Story

St Michael’s School was opened in 1962 by the Parramatta Sisters of Mercy.

The following year, the Presentation Sisters from Lismore were invited to be responsible for the school. In 1963, the teaching staff numbered four and the enrolment was 250. Classes were taught in the ‘Tin Shed’, an ex-army hut, and the remainder in a weatherboard house, half of which was occupied by a Mrs Moore.

The school was located in bushland surrounded by poultry farms and a hatchery. Difficulties were experienced in the early years, but the challenge developed a pioneering spirit and a bond with parents and children that has always been special. An open, welcoming spirit has always been an outstanding feature of St Michael’s.

St Michael’s continues to grow from this wonderful history. Through ongoing support from the Catholic Education Office, government grants and our families, we provide facilities and resources reflecting 21st century needs and opportunities.

Now with well over 730 students, our school continues to reflect the rich cultural diversity of the Blacktown South community, with 75% of our students having English as an additional language.


1962 – 1962 Sr Mary Dunstan RSM
1963 – 1964 Sr Magdalen Matthew PBVM
1965 – 1968 Joseph Reynolds PBVM
1969 – 1971 Sr Stephen Begadon PBVM
1972 – 1974 Sr Carthage Wall PBVM
1974 (Term 2) Sr Benedicta Maye PBVM
1974 (Term 3) Sr Theresa Joan PBVM (acting)
1975 – 1976 Sr Ursula Hartigan PBVM
1977 – 1978 Sr Rita Doyle PBVM
1978 – 1987 Sr Margaret Mary Cogan PBVM
1987 – 1997 Sr Ursula Hartigan PBVM
1997 – 1997 Mrs Patricia Mervin (acting)
1998 – 2004 Mr Richard Orley
2004 (Terms 2-4) Mr Gary Borg (acting)
2005 - 2018 Mr John Laffan
2018 (Terms 2-3) Mrs Sarah O’Rourke (acting)
2018 (Term 4-present) Mrs Sue Veling