Student Leaders

At St Michael's Primary the development of life-long leadership skills is one of the learning opportunities offered to all students.

Having effective student leaders supports the development of responsible behaviours, a positive school tone and encourages students to model the values of integrity, excellence, fairness, responsibility, democracy, co-operation, participation, respect and care. We are so proud of our student leaders and the good work they do.

School Captains

School Captains Carmella Aquino
Flyn O’Neil
Peyton Regner
Rey Pila

Sports Leaders

Gold Armani Karam, Lucas Valenzuela 
Red August Cyreszko, Sophie Gardoll 
Green Chelise Fernandez, Eric Lubajo
Blue Jarryd Gordon, Emily Ridout 

Student Representative Council

Year 1 Green Indiana Byrnes
Year 1 Yellow Ava-Marie Koong
Year 1 Blue Adel Shammas
Year 1 Red Matilda Edwards
Year 2 Green
Elissa Layous
Year 2 Yellow
Bradley D'Cruz
Year 2 Blue Alex Cataldo
Year 2 Red Matthew de Vos
Year 3 Green Oliver Sequeira
Year 3 Yellow
Luca Totaro
Year 3 Blue Amelia Farrugia
Year 3 Red Yenuka Fernando
Year 4 Green Ivy Hebden
Year 4 Yellow
Olivida Layous
Year 4 Blue
Jessica Fernando
Year 4 Red Shimmer Ghodke
Year 5 Green Mila Stribl
Year 5 Yellow
Joshua Ghattas
Year 5 Blue
Delinda Thompson
Year 5 Red
Nicholas Ciccone
Year 6 Students
Dary Said
Elizabeth Attard
Allison Attard
Lila Banjanac
Xavier Fenech
Rivan Sharma
Joshua Faulkner
Johnny Pavlovic
Dorree Chung
Aiden O'Connor
Charlize Gabrael
Emil Stevenson
Anne-Marie Saba
Lean Esangga
Bianca Grima