Vision & Mission

St Michael’s seeks to be a Catholic learning community which reflects, engages and empowers.

We engage each student in their own learning by:

  • educating the whole child – academically, physically, socially, emotionally and spiritually
  • encouraging growth through creative and critical reflection with others
  • creating a school environment in which teaching and learning is purposeful, relevant, innovative and collaborative
  • recognising and responding to the individual needs, talents and interests of all

We empower with a sense of hope for the future by:

  • equipping each child with the skills required to work towards their full potential
  • endeavouring to create a school community where Gospel values are shared
  • nurturing resilient learners, who can negotiate change
  • supporting each member of the community in their faith journey.

We reflect the life and mission of Jesus by:

  • promoting a vibrant spiritual life through prayer and liturgy
  • providing a quality Religious Education program, which nurtures the integration of faith in the lives of all
  • living out our school motto ‘Love One Another’
  • developing an awareness of justice and equality issues through active participation
  • contributing to the pastoral works with Mar, Queen of the Family Parish.