Support Programs

At St Michael’s, we are committed to engaging each student in their learning by recognising and responding to the individual needs, talents and interests of all, and to engaging with a sense of hope for the future by equipping each child with the skills required to work towards their full potential.

As such, a number of learning support programs exist to meet the special needs of students.


Diversity Team

The Diversity Team of teachers and teacher assistants provide learning support in a number of ways to students with recognised diverse learning needs. In addition, the learning of students with diagnosed disabilities is guided by an Personalised Plan (PP) which is written in collaboration with the classroom teacher, the special education team and parents.

Some students with diagnosed disabilities such as hearing or vision impairment or communication disorders may also receive regular small group or individual support from an itinerant teacher.

English as a Second Language (ESL) Education

The wonderful cultural diversity at St Michael’s provides the school with the challenge of meeting the literacy learning needs of students whose language background is not English. Students with a Language Background Other than English (LBOTE) may speak a language other than English themselves, or may be exposed to a language other than English at home.

St Michael’s also provides additional support to New Arrivals students who require intensive instruction in the English language. This is supported by the work of New Arrivals itinerant teachers who work across schools.

ESL and New Arrivals Education are just two of the cross-curricular programs in operation in the Diocese of Parramatta.

Literacy Support

St Michael’s provides additional small group and individual support to students who are identified as requiring support in their literacy development. The focus for literacy support is on early intervention. This is so that needs are identified and start to be addressed in the early years of school.

Indigenous Education

Indigenous students at St Michael’s and across the Diocese are supported by Aboriginal Education Assistants from the Jarara Indigenous Education Unit. Jarara provides this assistance in order to ensure the appropriate education and pastoral care of Indigenous students and families. This involves working to address the specific learning needs of Indigenous students, as well as providing opportunities to help students strengthen their Indigenous identity.